Delivery and Return Conditions

Delivery and Return Conditions

Vehicle Delivery


The reservation you have made has been confirmed according to the vehicle group and no brand and/or model warranty is provided. If the vehicle or its counterpart that you requested cannot be allocated to you, a downgrade can be made by making a free upgrade or price update.It is important that you keep a close eye on your flight number and vehicle pick-up time, if any, for all your reservations. Providing your flight number will make it easier for us to track possible delays and updates in your flight. If you have not come to pick up the vehicle although 1 hour has passed since the time you will receive the vehicle, if you cannot be reached or if the reservation cannot be confirmed, the relevant reservation may be canceled.


Rental Period


The minimum rental period is 24 hours. This period can be kept higher during periods such as peak season, holiday holidays. A daily limit may be applied to rented vehicles within the scope of the Fair Use Policy.


Late Delivery


If your vehicle is returned 1 hour or later according to the booked time, the daily fee applicable for the day will be added to the rental agreement and charged to your credit card. VAT is included in our prices.


Early Delivery


If the vehicle is returned before the booking date after delivery, no refund will be made.




Please return the vehicle with the amount of fuel you received when taking delivery.

There is no refund for excess fuel dropped.


One-Way Rental

Returning the car from the rental city to a different city where the TEMAS RENT A CAR office is 


located is subject to the approval of TEMAS RENT A CAR and an additional fee. Oct. Since the additional fee amount varies by region/office, you can get information by calling our call center. Oct.



Extension of the Rental Period


If an extension is requested during the booking period after the end of the rental period, the price will be recalculated by the system and the additional amount will be charged to the tenant's credit card specified at the beginning of the rental period. Oct.

The TENANT will apply to TEMAS RENT A CAR for all extensions and will receive the approval of TEMAS RENT A CAR. In the extensions made without approval, it has been accepted by the parties that the LESSEE illegally owns the vehicle. In case of day extensions to be made at the tenant's request, the price can be recalculated in the TEMAS RENT A CAR System and an extension can be made at a price higher than the initial rent/Day amount. This situation is related to the current occupancy


Cancellation and Refund



The reservation can be canceled at any time 24 hours before the start time. If there are payments made before the start of the reservation, they will be refunded unconditionally and without interruption.

In cases where there are less than 24 hours left from the booking start time, the 1-day fee of the vehicle will be charged from the total fee and the remaining amount will be refunded.